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The All4Brands formula

All4Brands is founded in 2007 as a personal brand by Marie-José Jamin ( 

Marie-José is convinced that connected advice, research and execution is best nurtured in a lean and inspiring environment to best serve the client. Therefore All4Brands operates in e-office, or temporary office space settings (like Regus) whenever and wherever you need us. 

Since you as our client have a question, need or problem to be solved, All4Brands comes to you. Quick and easy for you. That is one reason why we can deliver the latest insights and highest quality against a reasonable fee. 

The other guarantee for the high quality is that if needed, All4Brands only works with passionate certified professionals under the guidance and coaching of Marie-José Jamin herself. The teams are formed and managed by her to best suit the client. 

All4Brands works with Business Process Engineers, Marketing, Communications, Press, Sales, HR, Projectmanagement and Design professionals. Every single All4Brands team member has showed beyond any doubt to be more than ready for his or her tasks. 

These extra-ordinary people define the All4Brands-quality guarantee which is part of every contract we sign. 

All4Brands is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: KvK 65094557.

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