Sure to Deliver  

A blooming business by Marie-José Jamin

Our new CEO was late for the MT-meeting. Some of us checked their watches and one colleague even dared to state that this CEO-guy was NOT making a good first impression.

Then he entered the room. Buried under loads of flowers. Bouquets for all of us. Naturally we jumped to help him. Freed from his blooming burden he stated: “Thanks a lot. I brought you this…” He looked kind of guilty. We all frowned not understanding the why behind all this. “I will explain”, he said and pointed at the pile of bouquets. 

“Flowers represent a very important phase in the cycle of life. A flower is the result of the beginning of things and it is also the symbol that things are about to change. A flower is at the height of the cycle, and at the same time bears the promise of new life.” He smiled. “Bees know all about that.” He calmly poured himself some coffee. Gently looking at us.

I looked around and saw some of my colleagues staring at him with open mouths. They were stunned. I suddenly felt a very nice butterfly-feeling in my stomach.

“And a flower shows us we are successful. We are in bloom. But it also warns us. Should we abide from diversity, our bloom will be short and we will have to wait a long time before we have flowers again.” 

He looked at each and every one of us. “What I mean to say is that I am a fan of diversity. Diversity in people, in solution making, in doing our jobs. We may settle for a certain range of products and services. A certain target group of clients. A way of producing that is evidence based and near to operational excellence. But we never ever may allow this to ignore diversity. Then we can enjoy flowers all year round. So come on and start planting the seeds.”

I know that there are many things to comment on concerning this story. But this incredible man taught me that bringing diversity, agility and ingenuity into the board room, into companies and organizations, makes a huge difference. So that is why All4Brands commits bringing you flowers.